Computer Repair and Service

Systems we support:

Windows Corruption, Viruses, Bad Registry Entries, New Hard-Drive Replacement, and many more other problems are reason you would require a Wipe and Reload. We Wipe and Format your hard-drive in order to guarantee 100% removal of virus, Window Corruptions, and bad Registry Entries.

Our Profession is Microsoft certified 5years Experience. We support all PC, from the oldest PC to the latest with Intel Core Duo, Pentium and AMD Athlon technology. We support all PC operating systems including:


  • Microsoft Windows 7 All Editions
  • Microsoft Windows Vista All Editions
  • Microsoft Windows XP Home and Profession Edition
  • Microsoft Windows 2000, including Profession and Server Edition
  • Microsoft NT 4.0 including Workstation and Server Edition
  • Microsoft Windows95& 98 First and Second Edition
  • Microsoft Windows3.1 and 3.11&DOS (all versions)
  • Apple Mac OS X
  • Linux systems


Standard Full Diagnostic

The standard diagnostic consist of three parts - Hardware Diagnostics, Virus Scanning, and Data Backup. We use our professional hardware diagnostic tools to ensure your hardware is up and running to par. After we establish your hardware status we then scan your hard-drive for possible infections of viruses. Once the hard-drive has been scanned we then make a full backup of our customer’s data.

After the diagnostic has been completed we take the time to go over your results with you, and give you our best recommendation, answer any questions you might have, or simply get your ok.

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