Laptop Repair

Our Priority Diagnostic service is open to all customers! With the Priority Diagnostic we will assign a technician to work on your machine consistently till the diagnostic has been done. The Priority Diagnostic consists of Hardware Diagnostics, Virus Scanning, and Data Backup.

We fix physical problems with laptops as well as software related problems for most brand names.

Laptops are portable, so they get more abuse than a regular desktop computer. You may not know that leaving a laptop running on a couch, bed, or other material surface that is not flat can block the vents on the bottom of the laptop causing it to overheat; and heat can kill a laptop.

Kids can easily knock a laptop on the floor, spill something on it or cause damage other ways with their creative minds. Even pets like big dogs can knock your laptop creating physical damage. No matter what the issue is you need help with, we can help.

Laptop D/C Jack Replacement - Cost of Part Including Shipping

A common problem with laptops is the D/C power adapter, This is a delicate hardware in which most cases applying too much pressure on the D/C connection can cause it break off , thus not charging your laptop anymore. In order to fix, we must take the entire laptop apart, remove the broken adapter and Solder on the new, then put the computer back together.

Laptop LCD ScreenRepair/ Replace

We fix physical problems LCD/LED Screen repair and replace different types


Laptop Keyboard Repair & Key Repair

We fix physical problems Keyboard keys, connectors, cable

Laptop Battery Repair / Replace

We fix physical problems Battery, supply New Apple, Dell, Acer, hp, Compaq, Laptop battery ,


Fix it for me

Fast and easy PC repair and Tune-up without leaving home

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